Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kristen says that “Bella should be with Jacob”

Here are some quotes; and answers from press conference:
Kristen: “Bella should be with Jacob”

Taylor loves barbecue so, he said that he needed to taste Brazilian barbecue [PS. Taylor and Kristen went out eating together yesterday in Sao Paulo]

Both said couple of times that Brazilian fans are “kind, friendly and sweet”.

Kristen said that reaction of fans when they saw exclusive first two clips at Comic Con this year “was incredible. The actors also believe that the passion caused by books and films is a result of the love story that is presented. The characters, although they are mythological beings, they are easy to identify. If you like supernatural elements, is even better for you!”
According to Kristen, the important scenes were re-read the book directly on the set with the cast, so that all entered the atmosphere and capture the ideas of the author.

Kristen: “Bella arrives in Forks as an introverted girl, there was never anything that made her grow. In ‘Twilight’ she has confidence for what she would die, but in ‘New Moon’ her world changes and she is not so sure anymore. In Jacob she finds support. ”

The couple’s breakup was the biggest problem of production. On the one hand, there would be many scenes from star Robert Pattinson on the screen as his character leaves his girlfriend and disappears for much of the book. According to Taylor, the solution found by the director was better visually and to mark the existence of the love triangle that governs the history of “Eclipse”, the next chapter.
About the difference between the first and second movie, Kristen and Taylor commented on the increased pressure. The success grew during and after filming the movie. Also, “Twilight” brings a bit of experience of the director, Catherine Hardwicke, with independent films. Kristen also commented on the freedom with which the Chris Weitz directed and allowed each one could make use of your character.

Taylor said about his preparation for the character, as Jacob makes a lot more space in this second feature. “I started to prepare myself as I finished my four scenes of” Twilight.”

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