Friday, November 20, 2009


*I have to worn you ahead of time that this is a spoiler for New Moon. I talk alllll about New Moon so if you haven't seen it yet and you don't want it to be spoiled for you, don't read on! O and another thing, I am writing this half-asleep (more like asleep!). I had to go to school today :P and well that didn't turn out very well...but it was so worth it to go at midnight! I skip around a lot in my summary so if you saw it and is reading this and is like "WTF!?" please don't judge me. I'm telling you guys what I remember the most from New Moon. I will remind you that Taylor Lautner shirtless kinda distracts you from the whole watching experience so for you Team Edward girls that think, Wow, all she talks about is Taylor, I'm so sorry! I also might be telling things out of order. I'm going again either later on today or tomorrow so I will come back and fixed what I messed up on. Ok, I'm going to stop going on and on and start telling you about New Moon!!! :D*

HOLY COW!!!!! It is AMAZING!!! WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better than Twilight!! I mean everything about it was just amazing! It starts just like New Moon the book started; the grandmother and blah, blah, blah, Happy Birthday, blah, blah, blah, then you see Jacob come in and all I can say is AHHHHHHH!!! I mean yes he has a shirt on but I mean really! Amazing! Then the story goes on to the birthday party scene and that is so cool! When Bella cuts her finger and Jasper comes running after her (played out just like the book!) you feel like your reading the book as you watch this movie! Then Edward leaves. Then its Jacob's turn to shine! She brings the bikes over and they work on them and get some visits from Quil and Embry. Then when they're all done, they ride them and then she crashes and then TAYLOR TAKES OFF HIS SHIRT! Let me tell you that you have seen nothing like his abs in the theatre!! HOT! Then she thinks about Edward some more. Then, she goes hiking in the woods to try and find the meadow that her and Edward spent moments in. Of course, Laurent is there watching her. He treatens her and then THE WOLVES COME!! All we have really seen before this is just Jacob and Paul wolf but once you see them all together, HOLY COW!! Then they fight and Bella starts running. She is finally out of her whole not talking to anymore phase so Mike (being Mike) asks her to go to a movie with him (just like the book). She trys to double date but everyone ditches her so its just her, Mike and Jacob. Mike gets sick and Jacob goes on and on about how she should hold out for someone more manly or whatever. Then Mike somehow gets Jacob mad by just saying like a simple thing. Jacob gets all man (in the book, this all happens with Billy where he phases) but don't worry, Jacob doesn't phase, he just gets out of there. Then he doesn't talk to her for a while so she starts having the nightmares again. She then goes to confront Jacob about missing her calls and not talking to her anymore and she picks the worst time (well the best time but the worst time to talk about that) cause Taylor is SHIRTLESS IN THE RAIN!! I totally did not hear a word they were saying to each other cause I was so distracted by alllll of Taylor! Anyway, then stuff happens and then Jacob comes in her room!!!! Shirtless!! Now that was intense! He talks about how he can't tell Bella what was up and stuff and then, that night she has the dream that makes her realize that Jacob is a werewolf. She goes to his house to confront him but then sees him asleep and then the werewolves outside. She storms outside and asks them what they did to Jacob. Then, as we all saw in the trailer, she slaps Paul. He gets pissed and phases which then the superman Jacob comes to the rescue and phases and they start fighting. This fighting is actually quite scary cause like are about to rip each others heads off! Then Embry takes Bella to Emily's house to eat some food. They talk and do what they do in the book....

Sorry guys!! I don't want to spoil the WHOLE movie for you!! I've already said enough!! I post more like tomorrow if you guys really want me to. New Moon=AMAZING!!!! :D

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