Monday, August 31, 2009

Twilight nominations at the Scream Awards

Twilight has been nominated for serveral Scream Awards this year which include:

The Ultimate Scream – Twilight

Best Fantasy Film – Twilight

Best Fantasy Actress – Kristen Stewart, Twilight

Best Fantasy Actor – Robert Pattinson, Twilight

Best Supporting Actress – Ashley Greene, Twilight

Best Breakout Performance – Taylor Lautner, Twilight

Robert Pattinson, Twilight

Best Ensemble – Twilight

Scream Song of the Year – “Decode” by Paramore, Twilight

Best Villain – Cam Gigandet as James

The awards tape on Saturday, October 17 at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles, CA

and will be broadcast on Spike TV on Tuesday, October 27 (10:00 PM-Midnight, ET/PT)

So what are you waiting for!? Vote!!

Us Weekly's special "The Sexy Stars of Twilight New Moon"

Us Weekly's special "The Sexy Stars of Twilight New Moon" is out September 25. You can pre-order your copy here.

Kristen shooting with Sarah

You can see more pics of Kristen, Sarah, David Slade at Lainey. They also have some new dets on set:

Shooting today – Kristen Stewart’s “Bella” with her mom played by Sarah Clarke who arrived yesterday in Vancouver shooting a scene that’s supposed to be “Florida” at a beach house while “Edward” hides inside from sun.

Live chat with Billy and Peter

Twilight Examiner reports that Peter & Billy Burke will be participating in a live chat at 3 pm. Tune in to Mashable to check it out!
Thanks TwiCrack!

Taylor's Teen Vogue shot

Teen Vogue shares an interview and tons of photos of Taylor Lautner! In addition, they share a bonus video of the photoshoot below. I think my heart stopped beating!!

Thanks TwiCrack!

Nikki doesn't have Twitter

Nikki used Peter's twitter saying that she DOES NOT have a Twitter account so if your following "Nikki Reed", it's not the real one!

Sarah spotted in Vancouver

Twilight-Gossip has a new picture of Sarah Clarke, who plays Bella's mom, out and about in Vancouver.

Taylor "flipping out"

David Slade just tweeted a new picture of Taylor flippin. He looks good even from that angle!:)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jackson leaving set

Vancity Allie has some pictures of Jackson leaving the set of Eclipse. I don't remember him graduating??

Video of Billy and Kristen leaving Eclipse set

Twilight Girls in cartoon form

I found this picture on Twifans and had to share it with you guys! I thought it was really cute.

Interview with 100 Monkeys

Twi-Cast leaving dinner

Here's a video of the Twi-Cast leaving dinner on August 28.

Vote for Kellan! has this new poll for who should be the next person to get their own page and Kellan Lutz is on the list. You can vote for him below.

Taylor mentioned on Jeopardy

Taylor was mentioned on Jeopardy. Not sure when but who cares!!

Taylor Lautner Album on pre-order

Amazon now has the Taylor Lautner album on pre-order just like the one for Rob. Finally, something for the Team Taylor fans! :)

Rob Calendar

Now you can buy a Rob calendar here. I for one am a Team Taylor girl...

David tweets rehearsal stats!

Wonder what they rehearsing??


David Slade writes:

Mr Taylor Lautner. A photo I took during early camera lighting tests. Not a whisker in sight
My heart skipped a beat there!!

Humans are ready to graduate!

Lainey has some new pictures of the humans gettin ready for graduation. Lovin Mike's suit! :)

Here comes Vera

Lainey reports that Sabrina Frank will be playing Vera - Rosalie's human "plain" friend. I could see it happening...

Twi-Cast out at dinner

TwiFans has some new pictures of the cast out for dinner. Haven't seen Taylor in a while...

The Wolfpack talks!

The Wolfpack talks to MTV at NJ TwiCon this weekend. MTV shares a taste of what Kiowa Gordon, Alex Meraz and Chaske Spencer dished during their hour-long Q&A session. Here are some of my favorite parts:

"I decided, all right, the Wolf Pack stay up all night looking for who's killing people on the res, so we don't sleep very much. So I thought it would be a great idea if I stayed up for 10 days straight." What should have been a simple scene — a confrontation between Bella (Stewart) and the Wolf Pack — became, in Meraz's mind, his "Brando moment." Wanting to try something different, the actor played the scene overly aggressive: screaming, grabbing Stewart by the throat, hurtling his line at her."

"[Director] Chris Weitz comes off-set like, 'Yeah, I like the energy Alex, but just take it down a little,' " Spencer chimed in: "Meanwhile the producers are freaking out back there."

" 'Cause nobody touches Kristen Stewart," joked Meraz.

Seth Clearwater is ready!

ClevverTV has an interview with Boo Boo Stewart who is going to be playing Seth in Eclipse. I LOVE him!! I think he is the perfect little Seth! :) What do you think!?!?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bella's graduating!

Just Jared has some new pictures of Kristen (with new hair!) and Billy on set of Eclipse. It looks like there filming the graduation scene!

Peter back from filming!

Peter has just Twitter this! Cool!

Anna dressed up for grad party!?

Twifans has some new pictures of Anna on set of Eclipse. She looks quite glamed up. Maybe it's time for the grad party at the Cullens'!?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Taylor talks New Moon

Twilight Lexicon was lucky enough to get to talk to Taylor about New Moon. It's a pretty awesome interview! They talk everything from the wig to his "tattoo". They also have to actual conversation with him at the bottom on the interview, check it out!

Twilight Beauty opened for business!

The Twilight Beauty site has officially opened! I have to say that I'm really lovin the Twilight Venom! :)

High School graduation!

Billy Burke is in Vancouver. From what he said about a cap and gown, sounds like they're filming high school graduation scenes today!

Short interview with Stephenie

In this short interview with Stephenie, she talks about how Breaking Dawn SHOULD be put into two movies. She also talks about some of her favorite parts in the books from the cliff diving to the tent scene. I have to agree with her that they can't make Breaking Dawn just one movie. What do you think!?

Ashley, Jackson and Rob on set has pics of Rob, Ashley and Jackson on set of Eclipse.

People's look at New Moon has some awesome new pictures of the Volturi. They also shares their exclusive look at New Moon, including insights as to Chris Weitz's Volturi costuming decisions:
British actor Michael Sheen (The Queen) plays Aro, leader of the Italian blood-sucking clan. Although Aro and his brothers Marcus (Christopher Heyerdahl) and Caius (Jamie Campbell Bower) have been "alive" for thousands of years, Weitz says he "deliberately" gave them a younger look in the film – for which he credits author Meyer.
"Stephenie was very keen to steer away from a kind of wizard-y look for the vampires," says Weitz. "They do look quite young, but they convey a formality and self-possession, which comes from age."

Rob on set

Robert Pattinson Life has some new pictures of Rob on set of Eclipse. Check out the eyes.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Some more shots of Rob

Thinking of Rob has some new pictures of Rob out and about. Two more pictures in one day!!

Rob out and about

Popsugar has some new pictures of Rob around Vancouver. Finally some shots!

Twilight stars around V-City!

Aww its a westie!!

Lainey has some new pictures of Jack Huston, Peter, Justin & Christian in Vancouver along with some set details!
The main stars have been hard at work this week. David Slade tweeted on Monday that he shot with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson and I can tell you exclusively that Kristen has also been working with Taylor Lautner this week. “Bella” goes on a piggyback run with “Jacob” and they run through the forest. She also drops blood everywhere, and at some point she punches him in the face after he kisses her.And for the Twi-Hards, Slade’s Tweet referred to scenes between Stewart and Pattinson that took place in the “meadow”. My source tell me that they talk about getting married, they roll around a little, and they agree on a wedding date.