Monday, November 30, 2009

Some Updates...

Hey guys! First off I would like to say sorry about not posting the past few days! I've been out of town visiting family and couldn't get to a computer. I'm trying to update you guys on everything that happened but it might take a little while. Any who, the poll is a little out dated BUT lets see how many of you guys were going to the midnight showing of New Moon!?

YESSSS!! Wins!
I'm sure you had an AMAZING time (I know I did!)
Here is next weeks poll which is a little late...

What did you think of New Moon?
It was pretty good!
I liked Twilight a lot better
I hated it! free polls

Be sure to vote and tell all your friends to vote as well! Also, be sure and follow me on Twitter @gotsparkles!! Until next time, Peace, Love, Twilight!

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