Monday, October 26, 2009

Justin Script Writer??

Hollywood Crush has this new article that talks about Justin and how he might be a script writer and an actor.

“I’m actually writing something with my friend, Leo Nam…he was in the third 'Fast and Furious,'" Justin revealed. “He’s a great actor; we’re writing a script right now.”

“What we’re writing is about a road trip down to Argentina, with three kids that grew up in Huntington; it’s a really cool story,” he explained, saying it’s part comedy, part drama. “There’s a little bit of everything. It’s like ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’ meets ‘Lords of Dogtown.’”“It’s a working title, but I think it’s called ‘The Glass-Off Memoirs’,” revealed the actor, whose short-film “Turbo” hit the web recently, and will return in both “Twilight” sequels as fan fave Eric Yorkie. “It’s called a ‘Glass-Off’ when you surf, towards the end [of the day], when the wind dies down and the sun goes down, and everything starts to calm down and the water becomes real glassy. That’s what you call a ‘Glass-Off.’ And then, this is kind of like a memoir.”

Does that mean we might someday see Justin not only as the headlining star of a movie, but also on a surfboard? “I think so,” he laughed.

What do you think??

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