Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Poll Results and MORE!

It's that time of week again to find out what you guys said! In case you didn't get to see the question this week, Are you gonna be a Twilight character for Halloween this year? And the results are...

Of course!

This poll was really close with Haven't thought about it yet and Nope close behind. Me personally, I haven't even thought that far! Anyway, here's the weeks new poll!

Have we seen to much of New Moon?
Sorta kinda...
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Now remember to vote and tell all your friends to vote too!

Also, since Halloween is on Saturday and I know some of you are going to carve Twilight pumpkins, I want to see them!! So if you carved some (even if they just say Twilight) I want to see them because they are probably a whole lot better than mine! :) So if you do have some, take a picture and send it to gotsparklesblog@gmail.com and I will post the pictures of here to show EVERYONE!! (And if you need some stencils, Taylor Lautner Daily has some cool ones) Here are some examples if you don't know where to begin...

Pumpkins found at Twilight Guide

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